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Past Workshops

Bavaria, Germany - Future Developments in Building Regulations workshop and IRCC 25th Anniversary Celebration

Bavaria, Germany - 25th Anniversary Retrospective

Virtual workshop, on September 28th and 29th, 2020

Canberra, Australia on 16 Mar 2020 - Effectiveness of Building code implementation and compliance systems

Beijing, China on 10 May 2019 - Building regulations and mandatory standards in the field of sustainable development

The Hague, Netherlands on 5 Oct 2018 - Building Quality - Improving the Compliance to Building Regulations

Vienna, Austria on 23 May 2018 - Sustainability in the construction sector

Washington DC, USA on 9 May 2017 - Economic Impact of Building Regulations

Tokyo, Japan on 10 Nov 2016 - Energy efficiency standards/regulations

Oslo, Norway on 20 May 2016 - Regulations for existing buildings

Edinburgh, Scotland on 10 Jun 2015 - Verifying Fire Engineered Solutions as part of a Building Regulatory System

Malmo, Sweden on 4 Jun 2014 - Verification, documentation and control of building regulations, in (1) design phase, for mechanical resistance and, (2) stability and safety in case of fire

Vienna, Austria 7 Jun 2013 - Increasing use of timber in larger buildings: challenges for regulators and industry

Brisbane, Australia on 22 Sep 2011 - International Perspectives on the Role of Building Regulation in Responding to the Challenges of Climate Change

Bergen,Norway 20 May 2011 - Automated rule checking of BIM for performance-based building regulations

Boston, USA 20 Oct 2010 - International Perspectives on the Role of Building Regulation in Responding to the Challenges of Climate Change

Tokyo, Japan 13 May 2010 - Care Facilities and Workshop on Building Products in Building Codes and Inspection

Bannf, Canada 29 Sep 2009 - Objective and Performance-Based Codes: Impacts and Lessons Learned

Edinburgh, Scotland 12 May 2009 - Joint Workshop with CEBC on Compliance Matters

Madrid, Spain 13 Nov 2008 - Architectural Heritage and Performance-Based Building Codes: Approaches and Experiences

Wellington, New Zealand 11 Apr 2008 - CO2 Emissions and Building Regulation

Vienna, Austria 10 Oct 2007 - Performance Requirements and Acceptance Criteria for Safety in Case of Fire

San Francisco, USA 18 Oct 2006 - Use of Risk Concepts in Regulation

Queensland, Australia 16 Sep 2005 - Sustainability

Washington DC, USA 3 Nov 2003 - Global Summit on Emerging Issues and Pressures in PB Codes