Inter-Jurisdictional Regulatory Collaboration Committee

The purpose of the Inter-jurisdictional Regulatory Collaboration Committee (IRCC) is to promote effective international collaboration concerning performance-based building regulatory systems.

Specific goals of the IRCC include:

  • Providing a forum for promoting a common understanding of, and a framework for, performance-based building regulatory system development;

  • Fostering the exchange of ideas and the development of "Best Current Practice" documents and approaches;

  • Providing guidance and support for members who develop, implement, and support performance-based building regulatory systems;

  • Promoting the pooling of resources, on an international scale, to aid research and development of commonly-needed components of a performance-based building regulatory system;

  • Providing benefit to countries embarking on performance-based building regulation development, by providing guidance and support materials, thus minimizing potential duplication; and,

  • Encouraging investment in construction-related technology and innovation.

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Latest News

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Upcoming Events

The next IRCC meeting is to be held in Singapore on 13 - 14 November 2017.



Click here for IRCC Charter of Membership more info